Dsquared fur

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Dsquared fur – genuine coyote fur
Customizable to Dsquared (2 braces)
coyote fur trimmed collar customized for Dsquared jacket(2 attachments)
Material: Trimmed coyote coat / collar Lux up your jacket or coat with a genuine coyote fur collar. Absolutely finest quality is what we guarantee.Easy to attach to your Dsquaredmhood or collar as there is fabric on the underside as well as zipper with 2 fasteners. About 60-70 cm – (adapted to Dsquared).simple to fasten – brand new zipper included for fortress A full replacement collar for your Dsquared, 2 new zip fasteners included at no extra cost!


We also customize sizes according to your wishes.

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Do you need a custom coat for a jacket that is not included here?
No worries! , contact us and we will fix a custom coat within 24h!

The fur wholesaler uses only Western Canadian pale coyote leather for use in fur collars. Our wholesaler currently supplies to several international parka companies with this type of fur.
Harvesting methods were used in the production of these skins to comply with the International Human Catch Standards Agreement (AIHTS)

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